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Best Resources To Learn Web Development

Best Resources To Learn Web Development

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·Aug 13, 2020·

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These are the most beneficial that I have discovered over my programmer journey.

1. The Net Ninja - Youtuber

The Net Ninja creates neat, thorough course tutorials on many Frontend & Backend Development frameworks and languages alongside GitHub files for each one. He also offers Udemy courses.

2. Fireship - Youtuber

Jeff Delaney goes through a varied range of fun and useful tidbits of particular subjects (frameworks, CSS variables, etc.) in quick 100 second videos with some of the longer ones that become courses he offers on his website Fireship.

3. LearnCode.academy - Youtuber

Though he doesn't upload videos as regularly as the first two, they are excellent and relevant. I especially find the most helpful is the web development roadmap he covers for each year.

4. Teamtreehouse

Teamtreehouse is a prominent resource to learn new skills, level up old ones, and earn a new job. They offer 300 + courses, 278 workshops, and 23 topics with over 50k+ current students.

5. Codecademy

Codecademy like Teamtreehouse offers excellent courses for developers to learn and obtain the skills and knowledge they need.

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